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Millstead Farm is owned by David and Anne Miller.  The farm was started in 1939 as a dairy by Dave’s grandfather.  Chickens and hogs were also raised and horses were used to work the land.  The dairy grew to 80 milking cows until 1994 when the farm was converted to raise dairy heifers and beef cattle.  Today the Miller have 50 beef animals utilizing three breeds, Angus (black or red), Herefords (red with white faces) and Charlois (tan).  The beef animals are raised on rotational pastures where they are moved every three days during the grass growing season (April to November).  They are finished on grain.  All the feed for the beef is raised on their farm.  They now are also starting to finish a few lambs each year.

Millstead Farm

Grass Fed 

Grain Finished


If you are interested in beef, please contact us for availability and pricing.

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